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The health care industry is a large and often complicated niche. Within the health care market research industry, researchers work to focus on the many career specialties, medical plans, patient types, diseases and conditions and much more.

With a deeply experienced, specialized medical project management and recruiting team, Innova has earned the trust of the health care research community by providing unrivaled expertise, sampling excellence and proven results.
We provide clinical trial services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, medical nutrition and biotech companies.providing clinical trial services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, medical nutrition and biotech companies.

We provide seamless transition from clinical to commercial manufacturing.

Product Development Strategy

Innova support clients to select the best approach for the development of their product, depending on the study phase and therapeutic area.

Clinical Monitoring

Our clinical monitoring teams are well-equipped to deliver fast, efficient investigator site support and data oversight for your study.

Consultation Services

Clinical trials require a deep understanding of developing complicated processes and interpreting variables. We help you navigate the clinical trial proces.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Whether you are a medical practice, a medical corporation, or a manufacturer, our comprehensively knowledgeable medical consultants will recommend how best to achieve your goals.


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Our People

We are who we are, because of the wonderful people that work here.Our amazing team offers clients incredible insight and the professional diversity needed to deliver real-world solutions to everyday healthcare challenges.

Innova Medical

From the practice to the patient, to the corporations looking to connect with both, we do it all.

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Frequently Asked Question

In the context of medical devices, a clinical trial or a clinical investigation can be defined as any systematic investigation or study on one or more human subjects undertaken to assess the safety or performance of a medical device.
  • Confirm that a CDA Is In Place (If Appropriate).
  • Assess Protocol Feasibility.
  • Facilitate Contract Preparation
  • Facilitate Clinical Research Study Budget Plan.
  • Obtain Scientific Review Committee Approval.
  • Compile IRB Submission
  • Follow Up on Status of Contract and Budget Approval.
  • Create Regulatory Binders and Clinical Trials Operation Manual.
  • Obtain IRB Key Name.
  • IRB Determinations and Approval.
  • Site Initiation Visit.
  • Mock Run Through of a Patient Visit.
  • Pilot studies and feasibility studies.
  • Prevention trials.
  • Screening trials.
  • Treatment trials.
  • Multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS) trials.
  • Cohort studies.
  • Case control studies.
  • Cross sectional studies.

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Admin 10 Nov 2019

When working on your drug development projects, you will need to perform a thorough analysis of the information and resources needed to complete all required tasks. It is highly unlikely that all required regulatory and general drug development knowledge, information and skills can be found in-house and therefore you will probably need to use consultant(s).

Admin 10 Dec 2019

While clinical trials for medical devices have many similarities to those for pharmaceuticals, the regulatory evaluation of devices is distinct from that of drugs – and there are critical differences in the way the device trials are designed and executed. Here are a few of the key differences:

Admin 15 Jan 2019

At the highest level, you can think of all healthcare consulting as boiling down to two, top level buckets: product-based work and delivery-based work.